How to Speed Up Your Slow Running Windows XP and Make it Go Fast Again

Have you found that your Windows XP is running slow although it worked great a few months ago? Do you get the system errors while you are surfing the net? Have you encountered that your Windows XP goes freezing or crashing some of the time? Well, I think you will get the best answer for resolving all of these problems here! Read this review and start to speed up your slow running PC now!

Why you need to speed up your Windows XP?

To be honest, most computer users will come across these problems after using their PC for a while. When they first got their computers, PCs always act well and have nothing wrong with the system. But with the regular use, your Windows XP starts to go slow, and even grind to a halt some day. Do you want that happen to your PC some day? If not, then you should take the following actions to speed up your slow running Windows XP and make it go fast again!

NO.1 Check whether there are useless programs that you rarely use on your PC. Some users like to download and install various programs on their computers but do not uninstall them completely. But the existence of them will slow down your PC running. So you should delete these programs timely.

NO.2 Reset your Startup items. Go to Start-Run-Input msconfig and press Enter. You will see the setting form for Startup items. Keep those programs that you need while booting system and remove those you should not add into it. You will be surprised by your computer fast booting after resetting this.

NO.3 Keep your PC far away from virus infection. Virus infection can be extremely harmful to your system. You should equip your PC with powerful anti-virus and keep it up-to-date, so as to make your computer under real-time protection.

NO.4 Get an excellent Registry cleaner for cleaning up the Registry entries from your system. You know that whenever you want to speed up your machine, you have to optimize its system and empty the crap in its system in advance. The Registry entries are the crap of your PC system and as time goes on, they will be a lot and affect your PC running greatly. An excellent Registry cleaner will help you get rid of this problem effectively and make your Windows XP go fast instantly!

The best way to speed up your slow running PC!

To speed up your Slow Windows XP, I highly recommend you try to use some professional tools for enhancing your PC performance and make it run like a new one again!

Computer Repair Services to Enhance Your Computer Performance

If the speed of your computer is slow and you are looking out for computer repair shop that can fix your computer to make it healthy once again. Give these methods a try to fix your computer yourself.

The most common reason for computer slowdown can be malicious software, disk management and the Startup Menu, filled with the programs in which the launcher have been installed in the taskbar to run when the computer boots up.

Cleaning the Startup

Using Microsoft configuration tool, you can see the programs loaded in Startup. To use this, click start, Run. In the box provided, type “msconfig” and click OK. This will open the tab marked Startup. In Startup, examine the programs that are checked. The important programs that have been loaded in Startup are security and anti-virus programs. Un-checking the other programs will speed up the computer, since the computer doesn’t have to stop and load all the extra program launchers. If you find there is a need to add any program back to Startup, repeat the process to add the required programs.

Note: If some of the important programs are unchecked by you, they will be restarted when you boot the computer.

Malicious Software

Viruses, spyware and malicious software can severely damage the essential files and slowdown the performance of your computer. Computer viruses are basically spread by e-mail attachments in e-mail messages or instant messaging messages. Therefore, it is always recommended to open an e-mail attachment you are sure of.

To prevent your computer against viruses, it is quite important to keep your computer upgraded with latest updates and antivirus tools. You should always be informed about the recent threats and take some precautions like, run your computer as a standard user and follow some basic rules while surfing the Internet, downloading files and opening attachments.

Disk Management

For the proper functioning of your computer, some of the free space should be available in the disk. Removing some of the unused or forgotten programs, using Add/Remove Programs under the Control Panel, can enhance the performance of your computer. Running Disk Cleanup and Disk Defragmentation, located in All Programs, Accessories, System Tool menu, can also boost the performance by consolidating files, giving more space on your hard drive.

These technical support tips help you to repair your computer yourself and enhance PC performance.